Sightseeing around

The area around FUJIYAMA IZUMI NO MORI CAMPING FIELD is dotted with various sightseeing spots.


Lake Tanuki

The scenery is good and the view of Mt. Fuji is good.It is famous for cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring. And autumn leaves is famous in autumn.There is a campsite on the lakeside where you can enjoy fishing, boating and cycling.Diamond Fuji can be seen around one week on April 20th and August 20th.


Kodanuki Marshland

Kodanuki Marshland Located where on the north side of Lake Tanuki is the only low-lying wetland at the foot of Mt. Fuji on the Shizuoka Prefecture side, dotted with over 125 large and small ponds.In the middle of the large marshland, there is a wooden path where you can see the rare insects and plants unique to the Odakanuki Marshland. Insects are inhabited by more than 70 butterflies, more than 20 dragonflies, and moths, and enjoy wild bird BGM.


Mt. Tenshigatake

Mt. Tenshigatake on the outskirts of Fujinomiya City is a great field for light hiking.In the mountainous area surrounding Mt. Fuji, the Tenshu Mountains are in the west and are connected to the north and south.This mountain is sharp when viewed from the south, and a trapezoidal mountain when viewed from the west.You can't get a view from the top of the mountain, but it's bright and spacious and you feel refreshed.


Asagirikogen Highlands

A magnificent and green plateau on the west foot of Mt. Fuji.It was named Asagiri Kogen because it is easy to mist in the morning.The green that spreads from altitude 700 to 1,000m and the peaceful atmosphere attracts the hearts of the viewers.Asagiri Kogen is famous as “a spot where you can see Mt. Fuji up close” and “a leading dairy farming area in the country”.

Makaino farm

A theme park type ranch with a variety of experience corners as well as barbecue ranch gourmets.In 2016, there will also be a Grand Ping that you can experience on a day trip.Recommended for dating as well as family trips.The expiration date of the ranch ticket is one month!You can go to the ranch as many times as you like during the period.


Fuji sericulture farm

In the green area, the water temperature is 10 degrees throughout the year, and about 200,000 trouts are bred and researched using the abundant spring water of Mt. Fuji, which is the water source of Shibakawa.Rainbow trout swims in the viewing area, and you can enjoy trout fishing (charges apply) at the fishing spot, as well as a tour of the exhibition hall that introduces salmon and trout friends through large tanks and panels.


Asagiri Jamboree Golf Club

The Asagiri Jamboree Golf Club was created in 1975 by taking advantage of its vast land on the western foot of Mt. Fuji, Asagiri Kogen.From the comfortable and well-developed course, you can enjoy the golf in a luxurious environment where you can approach the magnificent Mt. 


Jinba Falls

A waterfall with a drop of about 5m that collects the water flowing from the upstream and the water that springs between the lava nearby.It is called “Jinba no Taki” because Minamoto Yoroitomo set up a camp nearby by Fuji hunting.Every year in late August, the “Jinba no Taki Festival” is held by local volunteers.


Asagiri Paragliding School

One of the world's largest training areas, a flight area with excellent flight environment that allows trainees to fly for longer than an hour.Learning the flight technique is very smooth in the perfect environment for paragliding training.Ideal for those who want to fly a lot and who want to pilot quickly.


Shiraito Falls

The snowmelt water of Mt. Fuji springs from the precipice of the boundary between the Shin-Fuji Volcano Formation, which is the stratum through which the upper water passes, and the Old Fuji Volcano Formation, which is the formation through which the lower water does not pass.Hundreds of large and small waterfalls flow from a curved cliff with a height of 20m and a width of 150m.The figure seems to expose many silk threads.


Fuji Kachoen

An attractive theme park where you can interact with fuchsia, begonia, owls and animals.Because it is near the roadside station “Asagiri Kogen”, it is very convenient to access.The garden is full of colorful flowers.You can spend healing time while interacting with birds and watching flowers.


Fuji Milkland

There are many places where you can interact with animals, and you can feed cows for milking, horseback riding, and goats.Other facilities where you can experience things you can't usually do, such as making butter using fresh milk, baking sausages yourself on a bonfire, or sliding in a fallen leaf pool.


Bathing facilities

田貫湖 休暇村

Lake Tanuki Kyukamura

Lakeside Hotel & Spa with a view of Mt. Fuji. An inn with a great location overlooking Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy the delicious local products and the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.


Kaze no Yu

One-day hot spring “Kaze no Yu” is located on the Asagiri Plateau (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture) surrounded by nature. The bath full of baths uses Mt. Fuji's “vanadium natural water”. You can relax in the rich nature.