Before booking

Terms of service

・We have established a number of rules so that all customers can enjoy a happy CampLife with a smile.
 If you do not follow the rules of this campsite and we will judge that it is an inconvenience to other visitors, we will leave the venue day and night if we do not respond to it.
 We will not refund the usage fee. In addition, future use may be refused.
・We are not responsible for any troubles, accidents, thefts, etc. in this campsite.
・Cancellation within the period specified by us will result in a cancellation fee for any individual reason (including child illness, injury, etc.).
 ※In case of a schedule change, it will occur within the period.

Prohibited matter

・Open fire is prohibited. Please use the bonfire.
・Excessive drinking, calling, and banqueting are prohibited.
・Fireworks and Fukiage fireworks are prohibited. Only hand-held fireworks are available until 21:00 on your site.
・If there is damage or damage, and you find it, you may be charged.
・Jumping into the river, swimming, and nighttime entry are prohibited.
・Accommodation only for high school students is not possible.
・Travel by car from 22:00 to 8:30 is not possible.
・Please separate the trash and throw it away to the trash station. Take dangerous goods, tents, tarps, tables, etc. with you.


Regarding cancellation

・Cancellation within the period specified by us will result in a cancellation fee for any individual reason (including child's illness, injury, etc.).
  The same cancellation fee will be charged 10 days in advance if the schedule is changed or the reservation details are changed.
・Cancellation of online reservations will be accepted from the telephone(9:00 to 17:00)
・If the phone is not connected, you can cancel it by email.
 Cancellation fees are not applicable for reasons such as the telephone not being connected.

  Phone number

  Mail address

Cancellation charge

From 10 days before to 17:00 5 days before
30% of the accommodation fee
From 4 days before to 17:00 the day before
50% of the accommodation fee
On the day
100% of accommodation fee

Transfer destination of cancellation fee

銀行 ××支店 普通預金 123456 (株)ラ・フォンテーヌバカンス
※Please make a transfer within one week after contacting us for cancellation.